Schedule Boomerang Tournament

Friday 28 June: Arrival Day

The Friday will be the official Arrival Day, but do not hesitate to come earlier! There will be a BBQ (not included in the registration fee) for everyone who already arrived. Please bring your own meat with you. The local supermarket will closed at 21:00 hours. We will take care of the BBQ.

Saturday 29 June: Tournament Day 1

Starting with a nice breakfast at the canteen of the football club. The tournament consists of six events. There’s a nice dinner, which will be for every registered thrower/visitor. After dinner we will do two special events by artificial light! (these two event will not count for the overall ranking)

  • Trick Catch 50*
  • Australian Round 30*
  • Accuracy 100*
  • Endurance*

*events are scheduled but subject to change

Sunday 30 June: Tournament Day 2

Starting with a breakfast at the canteen of the football club. After breakfast we will start with:

  • Fast Catch*
  • Tapir Terror Round*

*events are scheduled but subject to change

Estimated end time of the prize ceremony: 15.00 hours. And leave after the tournament just whenever you want, or just stay! With all the people who are still at the tournament site, for dinner we will use the BBQ’s again.

Location & Field

The tournament takes place on ‘Sportpark De Molmhoek’, in Vinkeveen, on an artificial grass field (1 circle Australian Round 30m, 2 circles Fast Catch/Endurance) and a normal grass field (Trick Catch, Accuracy).

In the canteen of the football club, you can buy drinks/lunch during the tournament and of course beer afterwards.

Sportpark De Molmhoek
Mijdrechtsedwarsweg 4
3645 GA Vinkeveen
The Netherlands

If you plan to travel by plane to the Netherlands, Airport Schiphol (Amsterdam) is the closest airport.

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